Tanzania Education Corp's mission is to support high-quality education in partnership with Tanzanian-run schools. 

Tanzania Education Corp's support has enabled Tumaini Schools to grow from one classroom in 2004 to three schools with over 1,000 students, 100 East African staff, and 32 classrooms. Our first school, Tumaini Junior School, was founded by a Tanzanian couple, Modest and Lightness Bayo, in their own home. Mr. Bayo wanted to provide better opportunities for the children in his community. From these humble beginnings, Tumaini Junior School has become known as the top primary school in the Karatu district and in the top 0.7% of all primary schools in Tanzania. In order to address the need for high-quality secondary education for Tumaini Junior School graduates, Tanzania Education Corp and the Bayos founded Tumaini Senior Secondary School in 2016. In 2017, as we continued to grow, we opened our third campus, Tumaini Pre-Primary School, to make space for the growing number of our youngest learners.

Our growth has been in part because of our reputation for success and in part because of Mr. Bayo's desire to provide access to high-quality education to all students who have a desire to learn. Regardless of cultural or economic background, students find a home at Tumaini. Currently, Tanzania Education Corp provides scholarships for over 10% of Tumaini's students.  Learn more about our programs here.

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Tumaini Junior School

Tumaini Junior School was our original school, getting its start in the living room of the Bayo family's home in 2004. Located in Karatu town, TJS has over 800 students with about 300 calling the dorms their home. With 21 classrooms, a computer lab, a conference room, and a library, TJS has expanded greatly from one classroom and one teacher. Tumaini Junior is an English Medium primary school, equipped with 44 teachers and 42 additional staff members. We are #1 in the Karatu district and rank in the top .07% of all primary schools in Tanzania. 

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Tumaini Senior School

After students were graduating from Tumaini Junior, they began attending government secondary schools and found they weren't being challenged in their education. When they came to Mr. Bayo with their complaints, he chose to build the Tumaini Senior Secondary School in Makuyuni, about 1 hour from Karatu, in 2016. This school is an English-medium, STEM focused, boarding school. The students at TSS are offered unique courses through TEC, such as Project Based Learning courses and Computer Programming. Our secondary school is also #1 in the district and still growing and improving.


Tumaini TX Pre-Primary School

As we continued to grow, we found that we didn't have adequate space for our youngest learners on our TJS campus. In 2017, the Bayo family, along with TEC and the TX Foundation, opened a pre-primary campus in Ngia Panda with 6 classrooms for our Pre-Primary students. Tumaini TX Pre-Primary is also English Medium and emphasizes hands-on learning. This campus gives our youngest students their own space to grow and learn!

 Modest Bayo  Founder and Director

Modest Bayo

Founder and Director


Grace Saguma

Headmistress of Tumaini Junior School


Bernadino Affer

Headmaster of Tumaini Senior Secondary School

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Christine Ogeya

Headmistress of Tumaini Pre-Primary School

Mdm Fatuma.png

Fatuma Ashraph

Deputy Headmistress of Tumaini Junior School


Isobel Freeman

Program Director


Kathrine Kuhlmann

Communications Director


Matt Quinn

Technology Director


Amelia Greenberg

TSS Project Based Learning Instructor