Sponsor A Child

Tumaini Schools aim to make education accessible to as many children as possible. When Mr. Bayo first founded Tumaini Junior, he vowed to never send a child home no matter their financial situation. We're still upholding that promise today. In order to accomplish this goal, we need sponsors.

What is sponsorship?

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Sponsorship provides a child everything they need to be happy, healthy, and well-educated, from school fees to school supplies to medical checkups. $1500 provides one student a year with tuition, school uniforms, school supplies, boarding items, medical care, and so much more. In return, sponsors receive student-written letters, photos, updates and, most importantly, a lasting connection. A sponsorship is more than a financial agreement but an opportunity to build a truly meaningful relationship.


If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please send us an email at programs@tanzania-schools.org.

Meet Our Students

Eliana, Form One

Eliana is at the top of her class in Form One at Tumaini Senior! However, her family has recently fallen upon very hard times. While her father once had a stable job, both of her parents are now unemployed and unable to support Eliana's education. Eliana needs a sponsorship in order to continue with her secondary education.

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Herberto, Class Seven

Herberto lives with his mother who is very dedicated to her children's education. She has sent all of her children to school, and now Herberto's sister is a nurse and his brother is attending university. However, since the death of their father, Herberto's mother has had to support all of her children by herself and is struggling to put Herberto through school.

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Nipaely, Form Two

Nipaely has a second chance at an education at Tumaini Schools. Despite her efforts to complete secondary school at a government school, she ultimately failed her final national exams after four years of studying due to the low quality of academics. Now, Nipaely has returned to school at Tumaini and is more determined than ever! Due to her mother's recent death, her father struggles to support Nipaely and her three siblings, all of whom attend Tumaini Schools.

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