Students in Need of Sponsorship


Yohane, Class One

Yohane Hakai in middle class was sick as a child and brought to a hospital by his guardians. They went out to eat and left Yohane to be watched by another mom in the hospital, and never came back. Fortunately for Yohane, this woman took him in and has looked after him ever since. She met the Bayos and subsequently brought Yohane to Tumaini, but needs help continuing to pay his fees. He is a very happy and active young man.


Jackson, Form 2

Jackson has been attending Tumaini since he was in primary school. Unfortunately, his family has been struggling to maintain a steady income as farmers due to the recent weather conditions in the region. Without an income, they will be unable to afford school fees and will have to send him to a government school. He is a very active, bright, and kind young man who needs your support to continue at TSS.


John, Class 7

John is the son of Tumaini Junior School’s late accountant, who passed away toward the end of last year. With the loss of his father, his mother can’t afford school fees on her own. John and his sister have been a part of the Tumaini family their whole lives and would like to continue in the school their father had such an impact on.