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Tanzania Education Corp implements a wide range of programs across all three of Tumaini Schools campuses. These initiatives range from academic, extracurricular, teacher development,  

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Project based learning

Project based learning is a relatively new concept in America, much less Tanzania. In Tanzania education tends to be more traditional, teacher-centered and by rote, with a great emphasis on exams. Recognising that research shows this often not the best method, TEC introduced the idea of project based learning. All project based learning courses are taught by Tumaini teachers. Though TEC staff are available as resources, local teachers are responsible for the brunt of the work, the creativity, and the amazing results.


TEC sponsors over 60 students at Tumaini schools, and their numbers are growing fast. Caring for the sponsored students is a task accomplished through close partnership with Tumaini staff. Tumaini administration helps with budgeting, purchase of necessities, calling parents, and identifying those students most in need. As such, sponsorship is not only a relationship with donors but also a relationship with the community, with all members supporting each other.


Tumaini schools and Tanzania Education Corp are dedicated to ensuring all our students get quality care. As such, we partner with FAME Africa to provide health care to students and teachers. Tumaini staff and TEC members have also worked together to develop a comprehensive sexual health curriculum, as well as guidance and counseling services, to all students.