Supporting Schools in Tanzania

The school we have identified to support is:

Tumaini Junior School.

Karatu, Tanzania

Tumaini Junior School is a private, non-profit school. Mr. Modest Bayo and his wife, Lightness, opened the school in 2005 with 17 nursery students. Eight years later, Tumaini has grown to more than 700 students in nursery through standard level 7 (equivalent to 8th grade in the US).

What makes Tumaini special? Its track record of success.

1.     In 2013, Tumaini placed first out of 90 schools in the Karatu District and 40th out of 15,650 schools in the entire nation based on the national exam taken by all primary standard 7 students.

2.     Tumaini teaches all classes in English as compared to all public, primary schools which teach in Swahili. This prepares the students for secondary school where all subjects are taught in English.

3.     100% of Tumaini‚Äôs graduates have placed in the top 10% of all graduating students nationwide based on the national exam.

Tumaini is a model for primary education in Tanzania.